We begin by engaging ALL 5 senses with 12 or more items from the first moment you make your proposal with an All Senses PRESENTation Box, the Out of the Box Experience begins.


We start by including a custom imprinted 9 x 12 glossy pocket folder or 1/2"- 3 ring binder which will hold your proposal media such as, business cards, cover letters, brochures, etc. An Out of the Box Experience will engage ALL 5 common senses!


Sense of Sight –– (Motivates action) The box lid & presentation pocket folder or 3 ring binder are personalized with your logo and the individual client's name and company are imprinted on the ribbon, leather pad folio, engraved metallic pen & linticular 3D bookmark.


Sense of Taste – (Over 75% of the Fortune 100 promote with taste because of it's effectiveness in creating memorable experiences.) We include tasty sweet treats from our selection of top brand name chocolates – such as; Godiva ®, Lindt Lindor ® or Ghiradelli ® etc. & savory treats like Blue Diamond ®, Planter's ®, SlimJim ® etc. Multiple treats are included.


Sense of Smell – (Smell is the sense that creates the most powerful impression in your brain!) Choose from almost ANY scent to can set a mood, evoke a memory or neutralize the air with a fresh clean scent. Choose from votive candles, desk or car fresheners OR ??? The box itself is directly infused with the scent.


Sense of Sound – (We utilize sound to engage your recipient in a way that is both memorable and surprising.) A sound bite is inserted in the box or presentation folder or binder, so when opened , either your "walk on song", introduction of your product, or a special sound clip that resonates with your company's message immediately plays.


Sense of Touch – (These include tangible items that are "felt" or engaged with their hands.) One or more tactile items are included in the box – such as a stress object, a slinky, a bendy object, flashlight etc.