You may either CALL US at 720.552.3932 or EMAIL your order request to at this time. Due to the almost unlimited variety of options available, all orders must be reviewed and confirmed with our sales department prior to production. In this way we are able to verify availabilty of inventory and guarantee that you receive the best pricing.

NO, you may customize each order with an individuals NAME and perhaps specific contnet that is appropriate to the client or event you are using hte box for. This also insures that any perishable items within the box are fresh when you need them. Your price is determined by the number of PREPAID BOXES that you have ordered OR the Membership plan you have subscribed to. For BULK QUANTITIES you have the option of using them all at once, OR we will warehouse them for customization AS NEEDED.

NO. You do not need to know WHO or necessarily exactly WHAT you want in your boxes to place an order. Since we customize each individual box specifically for your need, you will only need the NAMES or LIST of recipients prior to the actual production phase of the process. We only ask for up to 72 hours advance notice to prepare a final box for shippment. In amny cases, especially for LOCAL Colorado orders we will only require 24 hours prior to the shipment or delivery of the box(es) being ordered. Ofter special pricing is available for orderes placed in advance of a need or event, but we can put off details such as the NAMES until closer to the actual event.

After placement of your first order or "sample" design, we will schedule an assessment meeting directly with you and one of our design consultants to review and determine all the options and specific inclusions of content for each element of your box design. The only specific you need to consider prior to ordering is the QUANTITY and TYPE of order you will be placing ... i.e., bulk or membership discount, and design level of a standard, deluxe or premium design. Your consultant can also assist you to determine the best fit for your needs, and will cover all the options during your design assesment appointment.

During your DESIGN ASSESSMENT APPOINTMENT, and after you have placed your order with our representative, you will be provided with viewable resources and inventory options to choose from, or you can discuss any special needs or request directly with your design consultant. As premier ASI & SAGE members we literally have endless options of promotional products to choose from and are certain to be able to find exactly the inclusions that will serve the purpose your box is intended to be used for.

We only provide either the customized POCKET FOLDER or 3 RING BINDERS themselves as items included in the general pricing options we publish, However, we can for additional fees include and provide quotes for printing and/or designing of any additional items you may require to insert into the folders or binders, such as, rate cards, cover letters brochures, etc. You may insert your own items or you have the option of providing additional items to us for insertion into the finish product at no additional cost.

YES, you may use any sound file you wish to provide to us for up to a 5 MINUTE playback on the sound chip included in the standard production models we offer. We prefer MP3 format, but can work with just about any format provided.You are responsible for any copy righted material used. In most cases there are never permission issues with the use of a sound file in single or small number usage of song or sound file, etc., as you are not using the files for the purpose of "resale" or profits directly related to the use of said songs or sounf files. Please contact us to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about the use of sound in your box development project.

EITHER. Once you have purchased your boxes or membership plan, you may make use of the product customization features specifically independent to EACH box request OR to the overall order. Where and when appropriate, and during consultation, we will determine which if any elements of the design may be PRE-PRODUCED to be ready for fullfillment prior to the actual final customization of any unique element of the box design, sucha as, for example, NAMES on the box ribbon or padfolios' etc. Obviously the more we are able to have prepared and customized in advance the easier and quicker we will be able to fulfill and ship individual request when made.

The use of the BUTTERFLY Image and signature inclusions symbolizes TRANSFORMATION & NEW LIFE. At Out of the Box it is our main mission and goal to help our clients TRANSFORM their company's sales and marketing efforts, and to bring new life resulting in greater ROI via the use of our products & services. We are secure in the knowledge that our products and services truly and effectively accomplish this purpose.

NO. All of our imprinting is done IN-HOUSE. We employ the latest in UV Printing & engraving technologies featuring high-end ROLAND printing equipment. This enables us to imprint as few as ONE of any item we wish to imprint, while also allowing us the ability to handle very large runs. The UV printing technology we utilize also allows us the advantage of being able to create spectacular special effects using CMYK, GLOSS and WHITE inks vs. simple single color or CMYK stand alone options of more traditional methods.