At Out of the Box we are committed to providing our clients with a new level of products and services that are strategically designed to transform the average sales proposal or marketing media into extremely powerful sales tools. With our featured product, The All Senses PRESENTation Box®, you will stimulate and engage prospects in ways that no other form of marketing media has ever been known to accomplish. With traditional marketing methods you usually stimulate only between one to three of the common senses, such as sight or sound. With this tool, however, you now have the ability to engage ALL 5 of these common senses. Even more when senses such as humor, pride or self worth, etc. are engaged.
Phenomenal results soon follow!


So, ... What is "An Out of the Box Experience"?

An Out of the Box Experience provides a direct conduit through which you can connect with your clients on an emotional level. It promotes positive long-term business relationships that will quickly accelerate your business to a whole new plateau. You are guaranteed to stand out above your competition and receive much greater attention on YOUR proposal.


Using The All Senses PRESENTation Box® you will ultimately achieve greater & more valuable sales results with far less effort. Your sales cycles will be shortened and your cost of sales will be lowered.


From the classy visual impact the moment your presentation box is received, through to the powerful surprises revealed when they open the box. Recipients are engaged with aroma, sound, high quality treats and delightful personalized gifts. Your client is positively immersed in your marketing message. An Out of the Box Experience will quickly become the one tool in YOUR BOX that truly does have the power to open doors you may have previously imagined impossible.


Call us and let us show you how to gain your next client with an Out of the Box Experience they will always remember.




"Based on studies that link the five senses with human memory and emotion, it can greatly enhance one's engagement with a brand (both offline and online). It also increases the likelihood of advocacy, and very possibly, stronger business results. In a rational world of business, connecting at an emotional level is the key, and often missing ingredient, to capturing hearts and building lasting connections. Given the bombardment of 2-D advertising into every corner of our lives, it's effectiveness and return on marketing expenditure is sliding – the ability to connect in more emotive and memorable ways holds great meaning for consumers and marketers. Particularly in this economic environment, any emotional edge that you can provide is important – and lasting."

Eric Brody – Trajectory